Job # AA0514 – Delivery August 2016 – 100A Unmetered Distribution Main Switchboard for Endeavor Energy Network Area


Our customer requested a custom 100A Unmetered Main Switchboard for distribution to (2) separate Torrens Title properties. On this occasion the street pillar had only one spare termination, however the customer had to connect two structures. Faced with the over whelming cost of a network pillar upgrade, we assisted by finding a solution to satisfy the Energy Authority, NSW Service & Installation Rules & AS3000.

On this occasion we also assisted the contractor by liaising directly with the network operator and inspectors to ensure there would be no commissioning issues with this alternate, cost effective solution.

The switchboard had the following requirements:

  • Earthing as a Main switchboard specifically designed to suit NSW Unprotected Mains supply.
  • Incoming terminations for 1x25mm2 4C
  • Outgoing terminations for multiple 4x16mm2 1c
  • IMG_0799IMG_0795IMG_0797IMG_0794IMG_0790IMG_0792
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